Showing items 201-220 of 482 food items for category "Baked Products"

Cookies, oatmeal, commercially prepared, fat-free  (Generic)
Cookies, oatmeal, commercially prepared, regular  (Generic)
Cookies, oatmeal, commercially prepared, soft-type  (Generic)
Cookies, oatmeal, commercially prepared, special dietary  (Generic)
Cookies, oatmeal, dry mix  (Generic)
Cookies, oatmeal, prepared from recipe, with raisins  (Generic)
Cookies, oatmeal, prepared from recipe, without raisins  (Generic)
Cookies, oatmeal, refrigerated dough  (Generic)
Cookies, oatmeal, refrigerated dough, baked  (Generic)
Cookies, peanut butter sandwich, regular  (Generic)
Cookies, peanut butter sandwich, special dietary  (Generic)
Cookies, peanut butter, commercially prepared, regular  (Generic)
Cookies, peanut butter, commercially prepared, soft-type  (Generic)
Cookies, peanut butter, prepared from recipe  (Generic)
Cookies, peanut butter, refrigerated dough  (Generic)
Cookies, peanut butter, refrigerated dough, baked  (Generic)
Cookies, raisin, soft-type  (Generic)
Cookies, shortbread, commercially prepared, pecan  (Generic)
Cookies, shortbread, commercially prepared, plain  (Generic)
Cookies, sugar wafers with creme filling, regular  (Generic)
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